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Q: How many litters do you have per year?

A: Typically 3 at most.  On average, 2 per year.


Q: Why do you show and raise Pugs?

A: I fell in love with the breed.  Pugs are bred for one thing, companionship.

They are such a great breed to show as well.  So much energy in the ring.

I raise Pugs for myself so I can have something to show and further my bloodline.


Q: What color puppies do you have?

A: I have both fawn and black dogs, therefore will produce both colors. 

I offer fawn and black puppies to prescreened and approved pet homes.


Q: What color do Pugs come in?

A:  Fawn and Black.  There are variants of fawn like apricot, silver fawn (washed out black). 

There are no brindle Pugs (mixed with a boston terrier typically or another breed that has

brindle in it), nor are there any white Pugs (washed out fawns).  AKC only recognizes either

a "Fawn" or "Black" pug.  Please see the standard for Pugs here.  Please do not be taken by

a "breeder" selling "rare" silver or white Pugs.  They are not special.


Q:  What sex is better?  More affectionate?

A: Both males and females are great.  I can't say one is better than the other as far

as the love and affection goes.  A neutered male or a spayed female both make great pets.


Q: Do you recommend crating the Pug?

A: Absolutely.  Puppies are litter box trained before they leave my home.  Crate training is the next

step in the process and significantly helps with housebreaking.  They consider the crate their den and

will not potty where they sleep (unless they have no other choice!).  It also keeps them safe while you

are away from your home so they cannot get into anything they shouldn't.


Q: How long can a Pug be left alone during the day?

A: No longer than 4 hours at a time.  Especially a puppy.  You cannot expect a baby to hold their bladder or

bowels for more than that.  If you cannot get home during your lunch hour to take the puppy out, please

ensure you leave a litter box out for your puppy to relieve himself/herself in your absence.  I prefer to place

my pet puppies in homes where they will either never be left alone, or for very short periods of time.  (If you

do not have sufficient time to allocate to a new puppy, please do not get one.  Or consider a cat as they are

much more self sufficient.)


Q: Have you had your Pug's DNA submitted to obtain markers for PDE?

A: Yes!  Each Pug has their marker listed on their individual page.  All breeding dogs are N/N.


Q: What clubs do you belong to?

A: Pug Dog Club Of America.  I adhere to the PDCA Code of Ethics.


Q: Do you have a contract or guarantee?

A: Both.  My contract is my guarantee.  The contract is to protect the puppy.

I offer a one year life threatening genetic health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.  24/7/365


Q: Can I/we come and visit your home and meet your Pugs?

A: Absolutely!  The only time I do not allow visitors is when I have a litter on the ground.  No one but my spouse and I

are in the home for this timeframe and no one handles the puppies other than my spouse and I. (Other than our vet.)

We do this to ensure there is no accidental introduction of any viruses, bacteria, etc. to our puppies.  We are VERY

protective of our babies.  Once the puppies have received their second set of shots (roughly 9 weeks to 10 weeks of age),

folks are more than welcome to come and play and help socialize the puppies!


Q: Do you have references to provide?

A: Certainly.  I can provide references of folks that have got a puppy from me, personal references, etc.


Q: Do you sell to other breeders/exhibitors?

A: Not typically.  The exhibitor has to be one I know personally or someone that has been in the breed and proven.  It would be

considered on a case by case basis.  I absolutely will NOT place a puppy in a home strictly for breeding purposes, so please do not ask. 

If you are not going to show the puppy and prove that the dog/bitch can compete, win, and obtain their AKC Championship title, then

you should not be breeding.  There are plenty of back yard breeders and puppy mills exploiting the Pug breed as it is.  I will not have

one of MY puppies used in this way.  (ALL pet puppies are placed on Limited AKC registration and must be spayed/neutered.)


Q: Do you stud out your male?

A: To approved Pug bitches of merit only. 


Q: Do you stud out your male for breeding cross/designer breeds?

A: Absolutely NOT!  I do not agree with "designer" or "fad" dogs as these are mixed breeds/mutts.  Pounds and shelters are full of these

types of mixed breed dogs looking for loving homes.  This is just another way to exploit the Pug breed.  People charge an arm and a leg

for a mixed breed.  Folks, if you want a mixed breed, PLEASE check out your local shelters/pounds.  There are thousands of adorable mixed

breed dogs looking for a loving home!  You can't change the world saving one dog, but you can change the world for the one dog you save!


Q: How old is the puppy before we can pick it up?

A: Minimum of 12 weeks old.  This ensures appropriate shots and wormings have been administered.  This also ensures the puppies have ample

time with Mom and have been properly socialized.  I may keep one or more longer if they are slower to mature or need more socialization.


Q: How can I/we secure a puppy from one of your litters?

A: First step in the process is to completely fill out my questionnaire and email it to me.  Once I go over it, I will ask any questions I may have.

I will then add you to my contact list for any upcoming/future litters.  I try to send out weekly notices.  Once we have talked and I have gone

over your questionnaire and any and all questions are answered, I will determine if you/your family are a good fit for one of my puppies.  I do

not accept deposits on puppies until after they are born and I know what I have and what is available. 


Q: When can we pick out our puppy?

A: Show critiques and evaluations are done typically around 8 weeks of age (or as close to that as possible).  I work with several other exhibitors

to get their unbiased opinions on my litters to ensure we agree on which puppies are the best and will be kept back to show.  This is when each

puppy is ranked and determined if they are of show quality.  I keep the best for myself to show.  If I do not have an approved show home, I may

consider placing a show puppy in a pet home with an agreement I can show the puppy when he/she is of age to obtain their AKC Championship

title.  This is something that would be considered on a case by case basis.  Once my pick(s) are determined, I can then let folks know what is

available to go to prescreened and approved pet homes.  All pets are placed with limited AKC registration and the puppy must be spayed or neutered. 


Q: Can a pug live as an outside dog?

A: No! They are family dogs and must live inside and be a part of the family. If you do not want the dog to live inside of the home, please

consider another breed.  Pugs cannot handle extreme temperatures (hot or cold).  And they are bred specifically as companion dogs, therefore

they need companionship.  They will not thrive without it.  I will never place one of my puppies in a home where someone wants it for an outside dog.


Q: What kind of dog food do you recommend?

A: I feed prey model/raw to all of my dogs and cats.  This includes a mix of chicken, beef, beef liver, turkey, beef tripe, poultry skins, eggs, fresh fish (salmon),

bone meal, and wheat germ oil.  I do offer specialty meats on occasion when I can get them.  (Goat, lamb, mutton, goose, duck, pork, bison, etc.)  This

is the best overall diet for your dog (and cat) and is not nearly as expensive as the commercially available dog foods/kibble you buy at your local pet store.

If you cannot or do not wish to feed prey model/raw, in the very least, ensure the diet is completely grain free (no corn, wheat, soy, etc.), by-product free,

and the first several ingredients are a meat or meat meal.  Dogs are carnivores, not omnivores, or vegetarians. They need meat to survive.  I can provide a

short list of commercially available dog food/kibble that in a pinch I would feed if I had to.  Please check www.dogfoodadvisor.com for recalls and information

on recalled dog foods, treats, etc.  This may save your puppy's life!


Q:  Do you allow a reasonable amount of time for me to take my new puppy into my vet for the initial visit to ensure it is healthy?

A:  72 hours is what is agreed upon.  This gives you ample time to get an appointment set up and get the puppy in to see the vet.


Q: Do you provide shot records/health records with my new puppy?

A: Yes.  I provide up to date information on shots, wormings, vet visits, etc.  ***CRITICAL***  When you take your new puppy to the vet, you MUST

ensure you NEVER get a Lepto shot!  This is detailed and written out in the contract you will have to initial and sign.  If your vet only has shots that include

Lepto, please ensure you pass on the shot and find a vet that offers a puppy booster without Lepto.  Lepto is a bacteria that when injected causes severe

adverse reactions in Pugs.  It often times results in trouble breathing, severe allergic reaction, collapsed trachea, and even death.  I always recommend

staying close to your vet for 30 minutes or so after the shot is administered to ensure nothing will pop up immediately.  Keep an eye on your puppy for

the next several days to ensure no reaction occurs later on.  Ensure you always have Benedryl on hand as it can save their lives!  Unless you will have

your Pug out in pastures or in the woods or where rats, wild animals, etc. may vacate their bladder/bowels in the water, you should be safe.  Please

educate yourself about Lepto.  Click here to read more about Lepto.  You can always bring your puppy back to my home and I will give the puppy

booster free of charge!  Rabies shots have to be administered by a Veterinarian, but I do administer my own Puppy shots.  DA2PPv is what I use.

(Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 - Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo (high titer, low passage))


Q: If for some reason we are unable or unwilling to keep the Pug, will you take the Pug back?

A: Yes.  This is a requirement in my contract.  If at any time during the life of the Pug (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, it does NOT

matter!), you cannot/do not/will not keep the Pug, he/she is to come back to me no questions asked.  You will not receive any type of refund.  I

will ensure the Pug is properly vetted and in great health.  Depending on age and health, I will either re-home the Pug with a prescreen and approved

loving home where the Pug will thrive, or I will keep the Pug and he/she will live out his/her days with me in my home.  I only have the Pug's best

interests in mind.  They come first before anything else, as they should.  They can't pick their owners, so I must ensure they are properly cared for.


Q: Do Pugs shed?

A: Yes, quite a bit.  You can help with that if you use a quality slicker brush once or twice a week.  That will help to remove the dead hairs.


Q: What grooming requirements do Pugs have?

A: You must keep their nails short.  A dremel works wonders.  My puppies are used to having their nails trimmed/dremeled at a young age.

You must also keep their nose roll/fold clean.  I recommend using baby wipes (perfume free)at least once a week if not more.  The nose roll/fold

can get pretty dirty and needs to be cleaned out regularly.  I check mine every 2 or 3 days to ensure they are clean.  I have one Pug that requires

her roll/fold to be cleaned out every other day.  The others can go about 1 week at most.  Same goes for their ears.  1 week at most for ear

cleanings.  Anal glands can also be an issue with Pugs if not addressed correctly.  Please talk to your vet/groomer to ensure they are expressed

only when and if needed.  Some Pugs have no issues with their glands and they should be left alone if that is the case.  If, in fact, your Pug does

need his/her anal glands expressed, your best bet is to leave the stinky, smelly, messy job to your vet/groomer. Also, a monthly bath.  You can

smell your Pug and tell when they may need a bath.  Some can go longer than the month, some cannot.  They are all individuals, so treat them

as such and you should be just fine!  (Recommend Plum Silky shampoo or Emu Oil Shampoo - both available at Amazon.com)


This is a living document and I will update it periodically when I receive new questions that I believe folks would benefits from if it were posted here.  I try to answer

any and all questions fully and to the best of my ability.  I am honest to a fault and typically brutally honest.  I take great pride in exhibiting and breeding my Pugs.

They give me so much in life, so much joy, love, companionship, and happiness, I give them only the best and do only the best for them.  I work to provide them

the best possible life I can.  I eat, sleep, and breath Pugs. 


I take great pride in my furry kids and hope it shows!  Please let me know if you have any questions I have not answered on here and I will be sure to

get this document updated.  I really look forward to hearing from you!  Pug hugs!



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